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Other Services We Offer

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Too much month left at the end of the money? L.I.F.E., Inc. has emergency food and personal care supplies for the elderly/disabled citizens in the community. We have lots of canned food and non-perishable items to help give you that extra boost until payday. The majority of our available food is made up of donations from various pantries and stores in the area and is subject to changing/limited availability. Needing emergency food assistance? Or are you interested in donating food to our pantry? Call us today at 573-756-4314!

Medical Transportation (Non-Emergency)


The L.I.F.E. Center's accessible van service currently runs Monday through Friday as of March 2024. Limited to elderly/disabled patients only. Patients utilizing other home care providers (not including L.I.F.E., Inc. or LIFE In-Home) are encouraged to contact SMTS @ 573-431-5765. Elderly/disabled patients WITHOUT a home care provider can call the L.I.F.E., Inc. office at 573-756-4314. NO same-day appointments will be allowed. Please call in advance to schedule a ride. Please click our "Transportation" tab at the top of this page for more details!

*Please note: our transportation routes fill up quickly and are on a first come, first served basis. Scheduling as far in advance as possible will increase the likelihood that we are able to accommodate your transportation request. Understand that, at times, our transportation routes are booked for weeks in advance and we may not always be able to accommodate any additional transportation needs. We look forward to serving you! Local rides only.*

Medication Assistance Program


If you do not have prescription drug coverage, we may be able to help.  With your doctor's assistance, we can aid with enrollment in free or low-cost prescription drug programs. Even those who are prescribed temporary medications and have no other ways of obtaining them - we should be able to help reduce those costs in some way. Medications should be accessible to everyone!

Ramps & Housing Modifications


For those who qualify, we can assist in building ramps and/or making home modifications for a safe and accessible home environment. We have helped build FREE ramps, steps, railings, and additional accessibility/mobility modifications for hundreds of our consumers thanks to various grant funding and donations that we are VERY gracious to receive! To find out if you qualify for a ramp or other housing modification, call us at 573-756-4314 and ask to complete an Intake Referral (and see if you meet the necessary criteria.)

Assistance With Medicaid Eligibility


If you think your income makes you ineligible for Medicaid, call today and ask to speak to our Medicaid Specialist.  Medicaid eligibility and rules vary, so you may qualify!  Our specialist can help with Miller Trust (also known as Qualified Income Trust), HCB Waiver, Division of Assets, and more! There are many ins and outs of the Medicaid application process that we can help you navigate. Plus, if your income is too high, you may be able to qualify by paying a monthly spend down.

Certified Medicare Counseling

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Trained counselors provide free, unbiased advocacy, education, and assistance to people with Medicare and those who help them to make informed decisions about Medicare and related health insurance needs. Call us today to ask about enrollment for the upcoming Medicare Enrollment season for 2025. No walk-ins, please.

Medical Equipment/Supply Program


In need of a wheelchair but can't afford one? Just had surgery and could use a cane but can't find a local medical equipment place that will honor your doctor's prescription for one? Or maybe your loved one recently fell and could greatly benefit from a shower chair? We have medical equipment donated to us periodically and may be able to help! We can loan out the mobility or accessibility equipment that you or your loved one needs (if available) and they can use it until they no longer need it! We also have a limited amount of adult incontinence supplies (pads, briefs, bed liners) for those in need. Or perhaps you have medical equipment that you'd like to get rid of - send it to us! We can even arrange for pick-up when transportation is not possible. We recycle the old donated equipment and lend it to those in need! All equipment is subject to availability. Please call 573-756-4314 and request to speak to the Independent Living department for any inquiries and/or donations. We can also provide you with a tax receipt for any donations made. We are grateful and appreciative of any donation!

Vial of Life Program

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The Vial of Life is designed to speak for you when you can’t speak for yourself. The vial contains important medical information that can assist emergency personnel in administering the proper medical treatment. A BIG BIG BIG "THANK YOU" to Parkland Health Mart Pharmacy for partnering with us to help make these Vials available to the public at many of our Vial of Life presentations and informational events. Needing a Vial of Life? Contact us today at 800-596-7273 or stop in any time Monday-Friday between 8am-4:30pm!

Peer Mentoring Program

•The program provides peer mentoring services that work together with various agencies to serve the youth in our area that are in foster and/or justice-involved system focus on employment and employment skills as they transition into adulthood

•16-21 Students with disabilities in foster and/or justice involved can qualify for the program through Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation

•Session are one-on-one

•1-4 hours a week, 20 hours max per month

•Focused on self-advocacy as well as employment and employment skills
If you have questions or are interested in the program, please contact:
Anthony Davis, Peer Mentor
(573)756-4314 Ex. 104
725 E. Karsch Blvd. / P.O. Box 967
Farmington, MO 63640


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