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Consumer-Directed Services (CDS)

We believe that personal choice is a key to fulfilling the level of independence that seniors and/or people with disabilities prefer. With the Consumer Directed Services (CDS) program, participants are given the freedom to hire their own caregivers, family or non-family, based on their needs. Since participants in the program are the employers of their caregivers, they have more control over their care.

Our CDS program allows individuals to take charge of their own personal care needs. We administer employer paperwork and payroll, so you can hire the caregiver of your choice.  If your care plan permits, a personal care attendant can help you with household chores, meals, hygiene needs, and transportation for shopping and errands! YOU set the schedule, YOU hire your own caregiver (they can be anyone except a spouse or legal guardian), and YOU direct your own care! With the freedom of the Consumer-Directed Services program, your caregiver can even take you to the store or on other essential errands (not including doctor's appointments) and let YOU do the shopping! You will also be paired with a CDS Advocate through LIFE INC. that will assist you with program questions, will check in periodically to make sure your services are meeting your needs, and help you select a back-up caregiver (or provide you with a list of available caregivers should your caregiver of choice become unavailable). We are here to help!


Consumer-Directed Services are funded through Medicaid.
Visit to apply for Medicaid.


If you do not qualify for Medicaid, please visit our
Private Pay Services page here.

For additional information about the Consumer-Directed Program, visit the official Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services website at

Visit for more information about how LIFE INC stays connected to dozens of other Independent Living Centers in Missouri!

Missouri Centers for Independent Living is the original state-certified and leading trusted resource for personal attendant services such as Consumer Directed Services. Through the many regional centers in Missouri (like us here at LIFE, INC), we help people with disabilities remain in their own homes by assisting them in finding caregivers who can provide in-home personal care and support with household chores and daily meal preparation.

Click here to learn more about MOCIL CDS providers across the state
of Missouri.

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