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Veteran Services

Starting in September 2022, LIFE INC became the 4th home care provider in Missouri to be able to offer Veteran-Directed Care Services. This program, known also as "VDC," gives a qualifying veteran a monthly Spending Plan budget - based on their documented care needs, created in coordination with the veteran's VA care team. This monthly budget amount allows the veteran to hire a caregiver of their choice - such as a spouse, an adult child, or a sibling, for example - and the veteran can also pay their caregiver up to $20/hour. Qualifying veterans with high levels of care (such as individuals who are bedbound or require ventilator treatment) are going to have larger monthly budget amounts than a qualifying veteran who only needs help bathing and shopping, for example. All monthly budget amounts are determined and subject to final approval by the VA; not by LIFE INC. Qualifying veterans will need to have a certain percentage of service-connected disability, a documented need/multiple needs for assistance with personal care, and also to be established in the VA Care System.

Interested in finding out if you or your loved one qualify for Veteran-Directed Care? Call your local VA clinic or VA care provider and ask for a referral for Veteran-Directed Care - and tell them you would like to go through LIFE INC.!

Another Veteran Care option is called "The Aide and Attendant Pension Benefit" - to find out if you qualify, speak with your VA care provider today! An outside agency known as "VETASSIST" can help veterans or their surviving spouse to apply for the Aide and Attendant Pension Benefit. VETASSIST is NOT affiliated with the VA.

The VetAssist Program (application assistance) provides in-home care for veterans or their surviving spouses with no out-of-pocket costs. If you qualify, you would be able to receive personal care, homemaker services, respite care, or nursing services paid for by the VA. You can call 1-888-314-6075 or go to to see if you qualify.


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